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Under the Hood

Under the hood of all the Integration developer tools we provide is our RAMS API data engine that talks to RAMS and performs all the data related tasks. 

API Features; 

  •  Written in Microsoft Visual FoxPro so as to integrate directly with RAMS.  This is the only way to integrate the required RAMS application core functions
  • Usable in the latest development tools, there is now a single point of entry for all your other applications to read and edit RAMS data. Your developers can use the high level functions and let the API perform some very complex RAMS tasks
  • Available in both Visual RAMS and Enterprise RAMS versions

  • Using the WEB Service wrapper means it can be accessed from any web application anywhere in the world
  • It’s lightweight and hence will draw little of your valuable server resources
  • Incorporates all the RAMS business logic required to carry out the functions it performs.  This includes Data Manager validation, RAMS core business logic PLUS you can easily integrate your own company specific business logic



I really didn't think the site would ever do all this. I am soooo happy, you have no idea!

Crystal Foster 

This Web solution has been great at freeing up time for our operations staff. Now our customers pay their bills, make bookings and request new services online while our staff is busy doing other things.

Doug John

Latest News

Customer Signup Wizard - Monday, 10 December 2012
Just released, a new customer signup wizard for your web site.  Customers can get area based pricing, service days and terms and conditions all in one wizard. Once they confirm, the system creates a new account in RAMS AND does all the route and charge setup for you so there is no need for user intervention from your office.  Time saver!