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Business Case

RAMS is a powerful software tool used by the waste services industry. It offers a very fast, customisable client for entering and viewing customer data and configuring routing information. With Enterprise RAMS we have the stability and scalability of the Microsoft SQL Server database. 

In todays B2B and WEB world, there is a huge demand for applications to provide an interface (API) through which applications can communicate with it. Applications such as; 

  • WEB sites Automated payment systems 
  • CRM applications 
  • B2B systems 
  • Application Integration systems such as Microsoft's BizTalk 

For example, you may want your automated telephone booking system to automatically book a service in RAMS. You may want your customers to be able to book their service on the Internet or query their invoice information on the NET. Even pay their invoices on the NET. In order to have this functionality you need to be able to query and write data to the RAMS Pro database without using the provided client software. 

In it’s simplest form this is not too hard to achieve. You could for instance get the company that wrote your telephone booking system to develop a program that would create a work order in RAMS. But how do they know what needs to be written to the RAMS tables? How do they know what else needs to be done to follow all the business logic of RAMS such as determining work order departments and creating tray items. What’s more, what happens when you want your web site to do the same thing? Are you going to pay for your web site developers to re write the same software? If you did then both these companies need to keep up to date with RAMS business logic and table structure. 

What is needed is an interface to RAMS that satisfies the following criteria; 

  • Acts as a single point of entry for reading and writing data to RAMS no matter what application requires it. Either via COM or Web Services
  • Incorporates all the business logic of RAMS and is updated when RAMS is updated. 
  • Allows custom business logic relevant to your own needs to be incorporated and triggered at the appropriate times Allows retrieval of data no matter where the RAMS data is located. In other words be able to access the data across the web using HTTP / XML or talking locally over the LAN or WAN. 

The developer tools provided here meet all these criteria



I really didn't think the site would ever do all this. I am soooo happy, you have no idea!

Crystal Foster 

This Web solution has been great at freeing up time for our operations staff. Now our customers pay their bills, make bookings and request new services online while our staff is busy doing other things.

Doug John

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