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Reporting Solutions

picture RAMS Online is a division of InfoToday Consulting, a company which specialises in Crystal Report and Business Objects Consulting. This combination of expertise makes us the ideal candidate for any Business Objects reporting needs you have with regard to RAMS. We're experts in Reporting AND we're experts in RAMS
  • Report Design
  • Data Integration
  • Business Intelligence



I really didn't think the site would ever do all this. I am soooo happy, you have no idea!

Crystal Foster 

This Web solution has been great at freeing up time for our operations staff. Now our customers pay their bills, make bookings and request new services online while our staff is busy doing other things.

Doug John

Latest News

Customer Signup Wizard - Monday, December 10, 2012
Just released, a new customer signup wizard for your web site.  Customers can get area based pricing, service days and terms and conditions all in one wizard. Once they confirm, the system creates a new account in RAMS AND does all the route and charge setup for you so there is no need for user intervention from your office.  Time saver!