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Software Releases

January 2012

RAMS Online Release the RAMS API (ITRDS) for RAMS Enterprise

 In 2012 RAMS Online implemented the integration solution for Recall between RAMS and there global data hub.  As part of this RAMS Online released the first version of the RAMS API (ITRDS) for RAMS Enterprise

July 2011

RAMS Online Release update for VRP 6.0.8 Series

May 2007

This release of the ITRDS is the biggest yet.  The following is a list of what’s new. Some topics have links to the completed documentation some don't. A complete help file will be released soon.

New Data Compression over HTTP
Now data transfer packets are up to 80% smaller over HTTP. This can be set as a global setting for your client through the application settings or specifically on each call.

VRP - Flags
ldefaultvalues - Switches on or off the ability to place default values in records when saved or created. This default values are those set in the Promatrix data dictionary
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Cleans up more temp files after use in validation

Data View
Now there is a general admin view for looking at VRP data through the client. This is a fantastic feature for viewing the tables, views and databases on the system you specified. This works on both local and remote connections. To access this you need to set the flag on in the application settings and then right click on a system.

Remote Queries
Another fantastic new feature. When in the above Data View of a system you can create queries on tables. These queries are specific to the ITRDS software but they can be executed on both local and remote data. With the new data compression features this can happen very quickly.

Run Crystal Reports against the new Queries
For those using Crystal Reports this feature is a huge bonus. As you will know you can't run queries on FoxPro data through Crystal Reports in true Client Server fashion. Well now you can using this software. In combination with the new ITQueries function and the ability of Crystal reports to run off COM objects, you can easily build COM objects that can retrieve data from one OR MORE remote systems and return the results to your Crystal Report. All without writing a single line of code! This is ideal for wanting a single report which incorporates data from multiple remote data sets.

This Contact InfoToday for more information.

Table Imports
A generic function has been added to allow easy importing of data into ANY table from either XML or DBF. For some tables there are specific import options so that the RAMS logic is included. Else a generic feature has been added for all other tables. There is also a COM form in the ITRAS which allows you to plug this importing feature into any external application without having to write any code!
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Asynchronous Operations
In order to make data importing more efficient. Job server object has been added. This feature allows for Import Jobs to be set and forgotten. You can query the progress at any time and pickup any errors.

User Security
A new users configuration utility has been added so that you can restrict access not to the Rams data but to the ITRDS client. This means no one will be able to get close to the RAMS data without a password and userid. However this may be too much overkill for some so only use this if you really need extra security

Hook Server
Until now you have had to add any pre save logic you wanted into your program at each specific need. Now you can keep a single program file which holds all your generic pre save logic for all your tables which will get performed every time you (or anyone) saves data. It all happens automatically.

Software Activation
From now on all InfoToday software will require activation. You must have an Activation Code for each installation of the software. It is computer specific so you MUST have an Activation code for EACH computer. Contact InfoToday to obtain you Activation Code.

February 2007

RAMS Online Release update for VRP

C++ Sample Code
Now included is sample code for C++ programmers and also an explanation of some issues with using C++

Bug Fixes
The property cDataStructure is now reset when issuing the "ClearData" method

The "ClearData" method is called by the "SetTable" method

A query result set of no records no longer returns an error


Improved Server Error Handling - You can now view the error log file via the application configuration screen

Improved Speed - HTTP communications are now vastly improved due to a reduction in traffic file sizes

New XML Schema setting which allows for faster transformations of cursors to XML

January 2006

RAMS Online Release update for VRP

User Security
It is now possible to enforce user logon security through the ITRDS using the o.lForceLogin property. This property tells the data object to verify that the user name and password stored in the properties o.cUserID and o.cPasswword are valid. This check is carried out on every method call

Batch Functionality
It is now possible to create batches through the ITRDS. This makes it possible to easily setup online payment systems for your customers. See also the section on programming for examples

New object for accessing and creating batches

New object for reading and editing batch records

New Documentation structure
The design of the documentation for "Class Structure"has been greatly simplified. The number of parent classess has been reduced and now all the methods and properties are merged into just two or three different classess

Method Changes
The CreateaData method now returns the number of elements in the array it creates

New Properties
This new property is required when you are using the oTable object on tables which do not have self assigned PK values. For example the STREET table

Error Logging

December 2004

RAMS Online Release update for VRP   

September 2004

RAMS Online Release update for VRP   

This method simplifies the process of setting the connection required

This method simplifies the process of setting the system required

Additional Table Support
In order to support the new features of version 6.0311 new tables are now supported. 

June 2004

RAMS Online Release update for VRP   

November 2003 - RAMS API First Release

Cleanaway Australia implement the first release of the RAMS API

VRP 6.03 and VRP 6.02 Series



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Crystal Foster 

This Web solution has been great at freeing up time for our operations staff. Now our customers pay their bills, make bookings and request new services online while our staff is busy doing other things.

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Latest News

Customer Signup Wizard - Monday, December 10, 2012
Just released, a new customer signup wizard for your web site.  Customers can get area based pricing, service days and terms and conditions all in one wizard. Once they confirm, the system creates a new account in RAMS AND does all the route and charge setup for you so there is no need for user intervention from your office.  Time saver!